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10 September Llanelli & DCS Open Group System Postal Entries Have Closed On-line Entries Have Closed Schedule Entry Form Map
11 September Midland Welsh Corgi Club Sub-Group Open 3 September 6 September Schedule Entry Form Map
11 September Bull Terrier Club of Wales Single Breed Open 1 September 4 September Schedule Entry Form Map
24 September Dachshund Club Of Wales Sub-Group Open 31 August 5 September Schedule Entry Form Map
24 September Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association Single Breed Championship 3 September 10 September Schedule Entry Form Map
24 September Australian Cattle Dog Society of Great Britain Single Breed Championship 29 September 5 September Schedule Entry Form Map
25 September Welsh Beagle Club Single Breed Championship 7 September 12 September Schedule Entry Form Map
25 September Christchurch & New Forest CS Limited 10 September 17 September Schedule Entry Form Map
1 October West of England Corgi Association Sub-Group Championship 1 September 8 September Schedule Entry Form Map
1 October Collie Club Of Wales Sub-Group Open 10 September 19 September Schedule Entry Form Map
2 October Devon, Cornwall & South West Beagle Society Single Breed Open 9 September 16 September Schedule Entry Form Map
8 October Welsh Corgi Club of Cambria Sub-Group Open 17 September 25 September Schedule Entry Form Map
15 October South Wales Scottish Terrier Club Single Breed Open 16 September 3 October Schedule Entry Form Map
15 October South Eastern Counties Bull Terrier Club Single Breed Open 4 October 8 October Schedule Entry Form Map
16 October Dane of the Year Single Breed Open 19 September 26 September Schedule Entry Form Map
16 October Welsh Corgi League Northern Section Single Breed Open 16 September 27 September Schedule Entry Form Map
23 October Birmingham & District Dobermann Club Single Breed Championship 19 September 30 September Schedule Entry Form Map
5 November Devon & Cornwall Welsh Corgi Club Sub-Group Open 8 October 17 October Schedule Entry Form Map
6 November Dovey Valley CS Members Limited 21 October 28 October Schedule Entry Form Map
19 November Amman Valley CS Open Group System 24 October 7 November Schedule Entry Form Map
26 November Great Dane Club of Wales Single Breed Championship 29 October 7 November Schedule Entry Form Map
27 November Blackwood & DCS Open Group System 8 November 14 November Schedule Entry Form Map
27 November East Anglian Bull Terrier Club Single Breed Open 15 November 19 November Schedule Entry Form Map
29 January Cardiff Canine Society Open Group System 9 January 16 January Schedule Entry Form Map

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